Terms and conditions

These therms and conditions apply to the services of Agrupación De Guías Oficiales De Granada, S.L. and to Granada Cultural Tours S.L.

Please, find the rules of our guided tours attached bellow:


-All children under 12 may have their own ticket, even the baby. The company will NEVER be responsible for children not included on the booking.

-Please, remember carrying an ID liscense, either the original or a copy.

-Please, use baby carrier bags. The place is not fully adapted to baby push-chairs.

-The meeting time may be 10 minutes before tour time at the “Alhambra Meeting Point Shop”.

-Not being in time for the tour means loosing all customer’s rights.

-Cancellation is allowed up to 7 days before the tour.

-Cancellations before 7 days will get the full ammount refund. Any cancellation after 7 days means the lost of all rights and full ammount.

A-lhmabra tickets goes under name and surname. Any change in the people visiting must be communicated to the company, the latest, the 7th day before the tour. No changes can be done after that momento.

-Meeting point: Souvenir shop “Alhambra Meeting Point” Calle Real de la Sabica, 1, 18009 Granada. We are opposite the bus and taxi stops in Alhambra.

Any questions, please contact us:


+34 66151111658 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00).

+34 66151511658 (Whatsapp)