Recommendations and tips for visiting the Alhambra in Granada

The main objective of the visitor or tourist who arrives in Granada to visit the Alhambra and the Generalife is to be able to enjoy this great experience to the fullest, and it is very important to follow a series of recommendations and advice.

The visit to the Alhambra involves a long journey to enjoy and contemplate everything with details and from the hand of our official guides you will receive a very interesting information that you will like to know and we just want you to enjoy how important it is that you marvel at the beauty of the Alhambra.

Our great purpose from Granada Cultural Tours is to make you enjoy the experience, our official guides will tell you all the secrets of the Alhambra, each of the spaces of the enclosure.

If when we make the visit to the Alhambra we follow these recommendations we will be able to enjoy much more the beauty of the monument of the city of the Alhambra and allow that others also do it with the same comfort and tranquility.

7 tips for visiting the Alhambra

1 Arrival: try to arrive early to the area, approximately one hour before the access to avoid complications such as traffic jams in the city, and to be able to see the whole outside.

2 Clothing and footwear: it is important that you go with comfortable clothing and footwear, and because it is a journey of about 3 hours long you need equipment that makes you feel comfortable, having elements in summer such as hats and water to help you with the heat, and in winter warm clothing such as scarf and gloves.

3 Smoking, eating and drinking: for safety reasons and the good conservation of the heritage of the Alhambra, you should only do it in the places allowed for it, areas that allow you to make a small break and continue enjoying.

4 Volume material: all those objects of considerable size such as large bags, backpacks or baby carriers should be left in the instructions provided for this purpose.

5 Photographs: when we all go to the Alhambra our great desire is to keep some memories in photo format, but it is important to keep in mind that these photographs should be without flash.

6 Do not touch: The Alhambra is history, it is a unique element in the world, it is unrepeatable, and therefore for reasons of maintenance and conservation of the pieces it is forbidden to touch the elements that compose it to avoid damage.

7 Animals: The access of animals to the Alhambra enclosure is forbidden, the only exception being guide dogs.